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Marketing Definition-The Attraction

The Attraction Marketing Definition You can learn the business but you don’t learn the spirit. These are people who commit to investing their time, energy and even some money here and there.

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But these other people I’m talking about are good people, only with a different mind set. They want that guaranteed check every Friday after working their 40 hours and that’s it. That is enough for them and they are happy with that.

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Someone has talked them into joining a network marketing company, but they had no idea of what they were getting into.

If you’re that person and you just don’t like exerting extra energy. Maybe you just don’t have the extra money to get this going.

Then maybe you should save your time,


money and energy. Hang onto your job and be happy there. You’re not a bad person.

I have known many very good people like you and no one should judge one type of person or the other.

So back to learning the attraction marketing definition. If you go buy a franchise you are in attraction marketing.

The company that you buy into has it set up already and you go to their training. You then learn how to run your store and start moving product that your company has sold you a franchise for.

If you want to do some online marketing and attract free leads that are looking for you and what you have; Then learning the system and taking action is what you do. In the hamburger business you learn the successful, tried and proven way. Then go sell your hamburgers

. In the online marketing business you do the same. Don’t make it difficult. Just learn the attraction marketing definition and follow the tried and proven way. Leave your ego at the door and copy Mr. or Mrs. successful.

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They are already making the money that you want.

So do what they do. This is not hard to do if you will just follow the successful plan that some have.

Don’t be the person who argues with the garage door hanger about how to hang or repair garage doors when you haven’t done it and he has been installing and/or repairing them for 25 years.

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You have to leave your ego at the door, go on in and listen to the high income earners and see what they do.

Pick their brains is a slang way to put it. But do that and copy them. Most of them put out value for very reasonable prices or even free. They want to attract you.

So you learn the needs of your target market and create answers for them. Get those answers in front of them in the form of ads on internet lists,forums, social media and even become a content writer.

If you absolutely freeze up at that thought, there are content writers who will write articles for you.

In any case, you’ll have to learn the system and copy the successful. Those that are top income earners have something to say that we all need to be listening to.

We want their tried and proven way to the cash flow.

They already know and are aware of the attraction marketing definition.

Learn it, keep working through it and invest in the tools that are available to you. Some are free, some cost. But the return is awesome.

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